Winter / Spring 2014

Lunch is served 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

We do not accept reservations between June 1st and September 15th.

SoBo is proud to showcase BC’s finest products:

mussels, clams, oysters & scallops from "Out Landish Shellfish Guild"; Quadra Island
BC wild prawns & shrimp from "Fina Fish"; Ucluelet
BC wild fresh & smoked fish from "West Pacific Seafoods"; Tofino
spring salmon from Doug Kimoto; Ucluelet"
poultry from "Cowichan Bay Farms" and "Island Farmhouse"
certified organic greens & vegetables from "Nanoose Edibles"
certified organic olives, olive oil & balsamic vinegar from "Basil Olive Oil Products"
bison and charcuterie from "Two Rivers Meats"

artisan cheese from:
"Little Qualicum Cheeseworks"; Qualicum
"Natural Pastures cheese company"; Comox
"Happy Days"; Okanagan


  Small Large

smoked wild fish chowder - spicy wild salmon, cream dill broth. (gluten & shellfish free)

$7 $10

seasonal vegetarian soup - please ask your server (gf)

$6 $9

miso soup - shiro miso, organic shitake mushrooms, scallions & smoked tofu

add udon noodle $1

house baked breads- choice of: rustic bread, cast iron cornbread, buttermilk biscuit

  $2 each


asian salad- “nanoose edibles”  nutritional greens, seasonal vegetables, sprouts, soy ginger vinaigrette & sesame seeds  (gf)
   add protein:             seared albacore tuna      
thai chicken thigh      


garden salad-“nanoose edibles”  nutritional greens, shredded seasonal vegetables, pumpkin seeds, green goddess dressing  (gf)


chopped salad- “nanoose edibles” nutritional greens, roasted cowichan chicken, mixed olives, red onion, bleu claire crumbles, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

roasted beet and goat cheese salad- nutritional greens, walnuts, port wine vinaigrette (gf) $13
rubbed kale and quinoa salad- hazelnuts, cucumber, radish, lemon parsley vinaigrette (gf)
 add grilled halloumi cheese      


raw oysters - marina's top drawer, champagne mignonette, horseradish, key lime (gf)

each $3 ⋅ ½ doz. $14 ⋅ doz. $26

broiled oysters - beach oyster, salmon bacon, miso mayo (gf)

each $4  

tofu pocket - sushi rice, avocado, wasabi mayo, sesame seeds, soy and sunflower sprouts
   -your choice of: smoked tuna or smoked salmon or organic shitake mushroom


steamed mussels and clams- tomato fennel broth (gf)


crispy shrimp cakes- west coast shrimp, sautéed onions, peppers & herbs, sweet mustard sauce & citrus slaw

spiced crispy chickpeas – served warm (gf) $5
polenta fries - handmade fried polenta with caesar dip 3 PC $6  ⋅  6 PC $10.5


breakfast sandwich- smoked tuna bacon, buttermilk  biscuit, fried egg, aged white cheddar, avocado mayo & pickled jalapenos served with fresh fruit

huevos rancheros- fried egg, cheddar & onion enchilada with pinto beans,  avocado, ancho sauce (gf) $10  

vegetable quiche- spinach and cheese, seasonal roasted vegetables baked in a rich egg custard, with a side green salad with citrus vinaigrette   



killer fish taco - spicy wild fish, crispy blue corn tortilla with seasonal fruit salsa (gf)

$6.5 each  

bean OR chicken chalupa- 2 crispy corn tortilla with pinto beans OR spicy chicken, greens, white cheddar, avocado, ancho sauce (gf)


bean OR chicken burrito-  soft flour tortilla filled with pinto beans OR spicy chicken, greens, white cheddar, avocado, ancho sauce

chicken enchilada- chicken, cheddar, onion, ancho sauce, pinto beans, organic brown rice & avocado (gf) $13  
fish of the day- seared seasonal fish, crispy potato cake, winter vegetables, red pepper aioli $15  
thai chicken- soy marinated chicken thighs, house made flatbread, citrus slaw, peanut sauce $13  
veggie burger- black beans, quinoa, carmelized onions, portabello, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cheddar, lettuce, avocado, sweet mustard sauce, house made bun, kale chips $13  


exotic mushroom - organic shitake & portobello, herbed pesto, san marzano tomatoes, caramelized onion, mozzarella, goat cheese & fromage a la crème


calabrese - spicy Italian salami, san marzano tomatoes, mixed olives, fresh and aged mozzarella


prosciutto-  prosciutto ham,san marzano tomatoes, spinach, ricotta, fresh and aged mozzarella, arugula, shaved grana padano cheese


garlicky white- ricotta cheese, roasted garlic, spinach, rapini, arugula, mozzarella



cookies - oatmeal pecan chocolate chip • ginger • chocolate hazelnut (gf) • chocolate salted caramel cashew


chocolate and almond brownie- warmed and topped with house made peanut butter ice cream


keylime pie - perfectly tart and sweet with fresh whipped cream


peanut brittle ice cream cake- served with chocolate sauce  (gf)


seasonal fruit pie - changes with the seasons served with house made ice cream


flourless chocolate bomb - flourless cake layered with chocolate mousse, draped in ganache, sprinkled with fleur de sel served with habanero berry compote and house made sorbet (gf)


feature vegan dessert - ask server about daily feature

house made ice creams and sorbets - ask server for today's selection $6




espresso shot




cappuccino or latte


"Tofino Tea Bar" all natural loose leaf teas
      black -
darjeeling, earl grey, masala chai (recommended steep time 2-5 min)
      green -
jasmine, genma-cha (recommended steep time 45 sec- 2 min)
      white -
bai mu dan (recommended steep time 45 sec- 2 min)
      herbal -
chamomile, rooibos original, lavender mint (recommended steep time 2-7 min)




house brewed iced tea


blue sky soda


Philips- intergalactic root beer, sparklemouth ginger ale


"santa cruz" organic spritzers
lemon lime, orange mango


San Pellegrino 750 ml


juice- apple, orange, tomato




Chicken Taco or Burrito -
served with optional lettuce, avocado and white cheddar


Bean Taco or Burrito -
served with optional lettuce, avocado and white cheddar


Fish Taco -
served with fresh fruit salsa minus the spice


Braedens Pocket -
tofu pocket stuffed with sushi rice, avocado with your choice of smoked salmon OR organic Shitake mushroom, topped with sesame seeds and sunflower sprouts


Miso Udon Soup - with smoked tofu


Pizza - tomato sauce and cheese


Creamy Pasta Noodles - white cheddar and veggies


Fresh Seasonal Fruit Bowl


Fresh Cut Vegetable Plate



Santa Cruz” Organic Spritzer
Lemon Lime, Orange Mango


Blue Sky Soda


Fresh Juice, pressed apple, orange





Consult your server for today’s selection

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