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oBo means Sophisticated Bohemian. A combination of boldly imaginative, world wise dishes expertly prepared with simple, fresh, locally produced- often wild- ingredients and served in an environment that is somehow both elegant and rustic.

Sophisticated Bohemian not only represents the style of culinary integrity and relaxed ambiance that Artie and Lisa Ahier have cultivated- it also reflects the personality of Tofino itself.


ith a wealth of experiences in such contrasts, having operated luxury resorts in truly wild places in North America, Lisa and Artie have discovered in Tofino the ideal source of inspiration and local resources to fulfill their own vision.

The principles that underpin SoBo's culinary philosophy echo the values of small town Tofino

-Respect- for food, people and the environment
-Honesty- simple fresh ingredients
-Community- support local producers and harvesters
-Family- the casual conviviality of the family table.


t is the substance of this exceptional place that keeps SoBo's passion stoked- the riches of natural food, the enthusiastic support of the community. Everyone who comes in the door is "family".

The whims of nature guide SoBo's menu and dishes are created based on "what our friends like".

SoBo is Tofino food. Please join us!

Artie, Lisa Barkley and Ella.

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